Give a F**K about your pleasure

Being stuck at home won’t stop you from getting your wheels spinning. Grab your partner and pick a pack that piques your interest.

Going The Distance

Think you can’t have sex when you’re not in the same house? Think again. From remote-control toys to good old-fashioned phone sex, this pack opens up a new world of ways to get busy remotely.


Some Like it Hot

Naked cooking. Sensory deprivation. Learning "the waterfall". This pack for couples is designed to ramp up your erotic intelligence.


Push it Real Good

A physical pack for couples to take you out of your comfort zone – from role play to rimming and beyond.


Cosmic Connection

A pack to help couples get to know each other on a deeper level. Cultivate a strong connection together – and with yourself too.


I Touch Myself

A pack full of adventures to start a masturbation revelation. Tinker with different self-love tools like tunes, toys and timing.



New Tricks

You love each other sick – get back to f ** king each other silly. This pack’s for the long term lovers looking to switch things up and keep the fire burning.


Peaches & Cream

Get the fruit and honey out – it’s time for you live-together lovers to get dutty.


Ice Melters

Drip a little fun into your Facetime first date with some saucy, intimate conversation lube.


Bonding Time

New to BDSM? Grab a lover and test your limits at the intersection of pleasure and pain.